Closing the Gender Gap in Berlin.

Sarah Wall

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That’s where we can help!🙌

Our TalentReach solution will source the talent AND deliver a first-class, end-to-end relocation service, helping you to build highly skilled, diverse and inclusive teams, with no added effort, cost or internal resource⭐

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Jess: Hi, I’m Jess from the Berlin team here at Darwin, and I specialise in Frontend recruitment and relocation in Berlin.

I have a passion for diversifying the tech market, and I’m really excited to bring you our new solution.

Here at Darwin our mission is to bring the right talents to the right businesses, and that means focusing on diversity and inclusion.

When we have a diverse and passionate workforce, it improves the tech industry for everyone.

More ideas are brought to the table, innovative solutions are found quicker, and the end customers enjoy a better experience.

Currently, only 20% of tech talent in Germany is female, and I think this statistic is shocking.

I think it’s really important that we change this in the near future.

We want to see the number of women in tech rise much higher.

So we’ve built a solution for businesses that have a true commitment to closing the gender gap in tech.

We support our clients commitment to diversity by relocating the best talent where they are most needed.

And we can facilitate the relocation of talent from locations where there are higher numbers of female tech professionals and where there is a strong desire to relocate to the inclusive and vibrant tech club possibilities.

In addition to matching this talent with their perfect opportunity, we’ll manage relocation end-to-end, from securing a visa and work permits to arranging all required insurances, setting up a bank account, and securing accommodation.

If you want to find out more about our TalentReach solution, reach out to me today.