Closing the gender gap, to stay competitive.

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The commercial advantages of supporting a genuinely diverse recruitment system are – diverse! Particularly if you use specialist services to boost the number of female applicants who have the tech skills you need.

For now, just set aside the ethical reasons to practice inclusivity in employment. The hard fact is that the most successful tech companies in the future will be the ones who support tangible efforts to close the gender gap. Instead, to stay competitive, they will focus on adding the best overseas talent to their workforce, irrespective of gender.

Have you got a positive corporate culture?

There is another important reason for Berlin’s tech companies to find ways to deliver diversity and inclusion. It’s a central pillar of a strong corporate culture. A culture that makes people want to work for you, and that reduces staff churn.

Also, a nurturing culture improves job satisfaction; and we all know that a happy workforce is more productive.

Getting skills that keep your business viable

Some of the advantages of being purposeful in your commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion are pure logic. There is a global shortage of skills in key sectors, especially STEM applicants.

One worldwide survey concluded that three-quarters of all IT decision-makers are facing “critical skills gaps” and shortfalls in qualified applications have increased by 145% in the past few years.

Without a doubt, you need to cast your net globally and make working for you worth the effort involved in relocation. Also, if you inadvertently place barriers for female employees that result in ‘skill leakage’, and therefore more recruitment costs, how can you hope to stay competitive?

The solution is available

The gender gap in Berlin’s tech hub is not going to disappear without employers offering inclusivity that is consistent, companywide and clear.

That starts with free specialist help from Darwin TalentReach; a service integrated into our support for tech hub employers in Berlin.

The Darwin TalentReach Solution is designed to break down recruitment barriers that are holding your business development back. By outsourcing talent attraction to us, you get knowledgeable and responsive insights on how to make systematic improvements to your inclusivity. Which will naturally boost your ability to attract (and retain) the ‘brightest and best’, irrespective of gender.


We’ll also manage the relocation of talent, end to end, from VISA application through to essential insurances, setting up bank accounts and sourcing short term accommodation.

The big question is, can you afford NOT to take advantage of this service?

Check out Darwin’s TalentReach Service here: