Bernhard Kammerer

Senior Business Manager

A little about me... I have over 7 years of combined experience in fields such as Recruitment, Marketing, Team Leading, Event Management, and Operations Supervision in industries ranging from IT, Travel & Tourism, Finance, and Music/Media. In my previous ventures, I have assisted multiple departments at various clients, companies ranging from Mid to Large-Cap, for several of their ongoing IT Infrastructure and/or business processes enhancement and urgent staffing requirements. (i.e., Rabobank, KPN, MN Services, Liberty Global, Oracle, Bax-Shop, Ingenico e-payments…). For me, a strong relationship is the foundation of everything that holds this business together. I seek first to understand all the variables involved. Be it with a candidate or a client; I seek to understand the history, ongoing processes, full-scale operation, and most importantly, preferences that make people happy and help them grow. Seek first to understand than to be understood. In short, I am a problem solver. Let's connect!!

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