Alfie Walters

Senior Recruitment Consultant

As a recruitment professional, I evolved over the past 12-18 months to cater to the dynamic needs of clients in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, delving into the realm of Mechanical Engineering/Design and the world of Automation. My primary objective was to assist companies in identifying and securing top-tier engineers, empowering them to expand their teams and drive innovation. With a keen understanding of market trends and client requirements, I continue to offer more than just candidate sourcing; I provided invaluable support throughout the hiring process. While my background was rooted in cloud technology, my scope expanded to encompass diverse roles, from Cloud Architects to Software Developers, Cybersecurity Engineers, and more. Whether companies sought to augment their teams or individuals explored new career opportunities, I welcomed them to reach out for informal discussions about the market landscape. Together, we navigated the complexities of talent acquisition, unlocking the potential for mutual growth and success on a small and large scale.




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