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Focusing on what we call ‘Digital’ within North Germany, specifically: Berlin, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia the team and I are focused on providing the best service that adds true value to both companies and candidates alike.

The aim for us is to understand your needs in detail, get to the root of the problem and from here, build up a process and recruitment structure that will simplify and streamline your hiring process.

With each consultant embedding themselves deep into their respective communities, we are able to support quickly in areas such as frontend development, backend development (PHP, Node, Java and Python) and mobile development. We position ourselves in the communities we feel we can add the most value to, and pride ourselves on working with developers and companies you do not currently know.

Success stories are plentiful and we are able to adapt to how your business operates, we want to blend and add consultative advice, not overpower your internal teams.

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⇩ Download our Berlin Relocation Guide

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