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Harry O'Donoghue

Java Specialist

All day, every day I dedicate my time to the Java and Scala community here in Stockholm. My goal is to be the shining bridge between a software developer’s dream job, and an exciting company's dream employee.

I work for startups, tech giants and all in-between; primarily within the educational, security, media, marketing & digital innovation domains. Often the positions I hire for are back-end and full stack focused, ranging from maintaining complex systems to handling the entire development lifecycle yourself.

The most in-demand tech skills I have noticed in 2019 is working with cloud-based microservice architecture using Spring and modern Java. Companies are using functional programming with Java11 now more than ever, especially with Java12 just around the corner.

Even though Stockholm is very international, Swedish language skills are in high-demand, especially in the public sector and digital agencies. Knowledge of Swedish will certainly enhance your opportunities, but there are many exciting companies whose business language is English!

In my personal time when not recruiting for development teams, I'm banging my head at rock concerts, playing sports or trying to cook like Gordon Ramsey.

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