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My name is Tony and I'm am a tech recruiter specialising in the e-commerce market!

Finding talent is one thing, but constantly engaging with the market, having them *actually* join your team and then trying to hold on to them (as long as it may last) is the real challenge.

Maybe I can help!

To introduce myself, I'm a tech recruiter that helps build awesome tech teams at Achmea, ING, UWV, TomTom, to name a few. I'd like to help you in sourcing top quality FREELANCE IT personnel.

For you, a collaboration with me means:

You don't have to pay us anything. Really.

We always stay below your budget while introducing you to the best IT freelancers, that's the key. Our margin comes from the candidate ➡ (what you pay per hour - (minus) what we pay candidate per hour = Darwin Recruitment income)

I can take over the entire sourcing hassle.

You'll have so much more time for business as usual. All you need to do is review the CVs and attend interviews with candidates you'd like to see

You'll only receive the top 3 candidates I can find for your role.. within a max of 3 days. This way you won't be endlessly reviewing CVs or attending pointless interviews.

I'll ensure a great candidate journey (always timely feedback, frequent updates, explore and report goals and interests, very clear agreements)

I'm a nice dude that's trying to bring professionalism, humanity and transparency back into recruitment  

What do you think? Can I help you win the war on talent? Let me know! 

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