Pierce Johnston

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Let’s set the scene.

You’re a hiring manager at an ‘exciting’ tech business and like any other in your space, you’re urgently hiring for X, Y and Z positions.

You’re receiving the job applications organically, are sifting through what’s relevant and what’s not, interviewing people, in some cases offering them but when it comes to the point of someone actually joining your team on a permanent basis, after their notice period, they might drop out – leaving you to have to start the whole process over again.

This is always going to happen, especially in the current climate. I keep saying – the best tech talent are host to at least another 4/5 hiring processes with other businesses… The stars have got to align.

But you need the people, the empty seats are costing thousands & the thought of taking on a freelancer is extremely daunting because this can equally be as costly.

Not always the case! Let’s take a step back to consider if taking on freelancers on an interim basis is really that much of a cost.

Here are five reasons why it might be right for you;

Hire an expert by project. 💼

If you have an oncoming project within the business, it can be extremely useful to have an expert in place, who is accustomed to the technical requirements and also fast-paced development – who can help push the project over the line.

Start immediately. 📅

Not only can it take time to find permanent employees in many instances their notice periods can be upwards of 3 months – which in some cases can be costing your business thousands.

Most Freelancers are available for an immediate start date & can get working on your projects right away.

Unrivalled expertise. 🧨

Freelancers are experts in their craft. They have a wealth of experience, typically working with some exceptional businesses & will have the answer to most questions.

Acting as a fresh pair of eyes, you can ensure that they will be ready to hit the ground running and not only this but in most cases, they’ll be able to support the growth of more junior members of the team.

Cost-effectiveness. 💲

It’s a common perception that Freelancers are an expensive alternative to taking on a permanent employee. This isn’t always the case, especially when you factor in a permanent employee’s benefits package, their holiday leave etc.

The world is open, today you have the ability to hire great quality candidates – in cheaper talent pools.

An interim solution. ⌚

As touched on above, waiting to find a permanent employee and waiting for their notice period to end with the possibility of them accepting an offer elsewhere can be costly in itself.

If a project requires immediate attention, there are freelancers that will be happy to work for your business as a temporary solution – whilst you find the right person.


Now, actually finding the right freelancers for your business can be a struggle in itself. You’ll need someone who knows the ins & outs of the market, with connections to an extensive amount of contract talent, who keeps close tabs on what they’re up to and when they’re available…. 😉

I can help. Feel free to reach out to me if your tech team could see some use in having any form of technical freelancer onboard. You just have to write me by email at pierce.johnston@darwinrecruitment.com