How to Write an Inclusive Job Description

Jo Stephens

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Limit ‘must-haves’ in the Job Description

The following research in the Harvard Business review article highlights three barriers which mean women are less likely to apply for a role for which they’re not fully qualified when considering ‘must-have’ requirements.

Interestingly it seems most people will not apply due to a fear of not getting a role, even when they believe they’re fully capable of doing the job.

A key part of a successful DEI strategy is to hire for the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to do the role, rather than hiring for specific previous experience.

Highlight Inclusive Benefits

Benefits such as enhanced parental leave, childcare subsidiaries and flexible working conditions all play an important part in encouraging more diverse applications. Do not miss the opportunity to highlight these benefits in your job description.

Share Your Companies DEI Mission Statement

When it comes to crafting your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement it’s not enough to state a standardised statement. You should be able to demonstrate how your organisation is actively working to improve diversity and inclusion.

A well-crafted DEI statement can help inspire organisational change. The evidence of these improvements over time will help you attract more diverse applicants.

Use More Inclusive Language

The language used in as advert informs applicants about the type of candidate the business is looking for, and adverts that use too much masculine language can put off great potential applicants.

Use this free tool helps you uncover and amend subtle bias in your adverts:

Is a University Education necessary?

Going to University is expensive, and unfortunately often not possible for people with a lower socio-economic background.

Consider whether skills and experience are a suitable substitute for Education – and remove the requirement if unnecessary.

Using TalentReach to improve hiring Diversity

Darwin’s TalentReach solution mobilises talent, globally, with a focus on enabling diverse talent to access the opportunities with which they can fulfil their potential.

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