5G / LTE Network Architect

5G / LTE Network Architect.

5G / LTE Network Architect






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Job Title: LTE/5G Network Architect

Job Description: We are seeking a talented LTE/5G Air Interface and Call Processing Network Architect to join our communication systems team. As part of our dynamic team, you will play a vital role in product systems engineering, working closely with R&D and product validation teams. Your primary objective will be to understand and implement the 3GPP protocols across hardware and software layers, integrating them into a satellite network architecture.

In this role, you will serve as our resident expert in 4G/5G technologies, offering technical guidance and knowledge to architect solutions and support colleagues and customers within the communication architecture and delivery activities. This is an exciting opportunity to redefine 4G/5G architecture and identify suitable suppliers who can meet our specific requirements.

Primary Skills:

  • Strong understanding of the 3GPP/Ethernet specification and its implementation across various layers, including modifications required for RF communication and laser comms based on link quality.
  • Knowledge of Layer 2 modifications for satellite data link layer and Layer 3 modifications for IPv4 and IPv6.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop the architecture and identify simulation tools, modems, and modules necessary for the communications architecture.
  • Perform hardware testing, product validation, systems and performance analysis, and customer review sessions, with a focus on Air interface, E2E performance, and Call Processing for LTE RAN products.
  • Possess a solid understanding of Ethernet and 4G/5G modules capable of functioning as mobile terminals and network ground station terminals.
  • Analyze module/modem feature requirements, converting them into system simulations and test cases, ensuring that the product meets our needs.
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of wireless communication systems and principles related to 4G/5G, Ethernet, LTE, NR, and Radio Access layers, including PHY/MAC/TCPIP/RLC/RRC.
  • Experience working with standardization working groups.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot issues as they arise, and effectively communicate updates regarding new products and services to the team.
  • Collaborate closely with team members to implement and execute hardware and software development projects.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Ethernet/LTE concepts, including DL/UL scheduling, modulation, OFDM, multi-carrier operation, LTE power control, Beamforming fundamentals, and MIMO.

Secondary Skills:

  • Demonstrated excellence in dealing with ambiguity.
  • Ability to leverage your experience to fill gaps in problem-solving and navigate complex organizations during pivotal shifts.

Background/Experience required:

  • Experience with ongoing 3GPP/Ethernet Rel activities would be advantageous.
  • Proficiency in system testing activities such as feature validation, test description documentation, parameter optimization, performance analysis, test strategy creation, and problem troubleshooting.
  • Strong understanding of wireless systems, with emphasis on PHY, MAC, RLC, RRC, and PDCP layers.
  • Familiarity with IoT technologies, including eMTC and NB-IoT.
  • Experience in software development and GNU radio would be beneficial.
  • Understanding of both hardware and software architecture.
  • Proficiency with test tools, including protocol analyzers, XCAL/QXDM, Wireshark, Channel Emulator, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, etc.


  • An undergraduate degree in engineering is required, with 10-12 years of directly related experience.
  • A master's degree is preferred, along with 10+ years of experience.
  • A bachelor's degree in EE/CS is also required.

Your Benefits:

  • Join an exciting opportunity to contribute to the future of communication systems.
  • Work in a vibrant startup environment with a wide network of investors and partners.
  • Enjoy a positive company culture, empowerment, visionary leadership, and efficient communication channels

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Adam Slade

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