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- 150+ employees
- €50 million annual revenues
- €20+ million annual profit
- 100+ million active users
- Over 1 billion downloads

A tech product company whose objective and core product is putting ethics into a modern and sometimes conflicted global domain. Creating a middle ground that is a sustainable ecosystem for both users and business.

Founded in 2010 they have survived the start-up phase, are established and entering the growth period. Their stock is worth real value, their culture established, their technology proven valuable and huge demand for their product.

Why are we hiring a CTO?

Revenue, profits, users, employees, and technology are all subject to growth opportunities. In most areas growth is a
primary objective. A new business strategy is in place to realize growth.

In summary, they will move away from a single consumer product to become an ecosystem for business services at
enterprise-scale (they have already secured leading global brands as business customers).

A prominent challenge for the new CTO is to lead the product technology which is currently lagging behind the
strategy into the new ecosystem. Consequently, there has been a recent internal organization which lead to the new
CTO position becoming available.

What is your purpose?

Your over-arching purpose is to contribute significantly to growth. These are just some of the responsibilities you will hold:

  • Establishing a technology leadership team at 2nd and 3rd level
  • Contributing to business strategy with the CEO, CFO, and COO
  • Define growth processes
  • Improving productivity
  • Modularise the infrastructure
  • Improve system
  • Contribute to culture
  • Recruiting new talent & employee branding

The former CTO will step down into a different role. You will replace him as a person who already knows the successful journey of growing a company from 100 to 500~ people.

Why should you apply for this CTO opportunity?

These kind of tech leadership opportunities are rare. The objective of the role, type of challenges, the scope of opportunity and timing combine to make a truly unique opening. The existing product you'll contribute to is driven by ethics, not something like "making the banks richer".

You will play a key role in defining new products, not just creating them. Experiencing such an important strategic shift from a consumer product to a business ecosystem will yield great lessons in your career.

An opportunity to shape a brilliant tech organization.

And of course, you'll receive an excellent employment package:

  • Regular remote working conditions (up to 1 - 2 weeks per month)
  • Very competitive annual salary
  • Relocation support to Cologne
  • English speaking working environment
  • Diverse / international culture
  • Other financial package contributions to be discussed confidentially with the Founders