Data Platform Engineer

Data Platform Engineer.

Data Platform Engineer



kr800000 - kr1200000 per annum




Data Engineering

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Role description

As a Data Engineer at this Bespoke Data Consultancy, you work to make data sparkle.

This is done through data modeling and the development of "data pipelines" to establish the system and business insight necessary to be able to deliver good data products.

We imagine that you…

  • Likes to develop pipelines in a cloud-based infrastructure, for example in Azure, Google Cloud or AWS
  • Is happy to set up transformations with SQL and may have experience with dbt
  • Enjoys data modeling and follows good principles for data warehouses
  • Interested in data streaming and solutions such as Pub/Sub or Kafka
  • I think it's fun to develop data products that create insight for organisations
  • Want to work together with like-minded people, share your knowledge with others and help move our field forward.

What can we offer you?

  • A specialized academic environment on data
  • Exciting projects that suit your development and goals
  • A flexible everyday life
  • Great influence in the company
  • Good fixed salary and transparent bonus scheme
  • Office space at Mesh Nationaltheatret
  • A fun and down-to-earth social calendar

Why work for us?

Did you learn something new today? Do you have someone you can learn from? Smart people all too often sit and do much of the same thing over time, with the same tasks or projects. We wanted to get out of that pattern, and to learn new things all the time!

We have started our bespoke Data Consultancy because we want to build a specialized consulting company, with the main focus on helping our customers create value from their data. Our basic philosophy is that specialization over time makes us better advisors and consultants - and therefore we build a consulting environment where data is the main focus - every single day.

We aim to build a sharp professional environment with like-minded people who are fond of data. We believe that you will get faster professional development when you can share experiences and knowledge with other experienced computer specialists. We are concerned that you get the right projects and roles - and believe that development plans are for development, not evaluations and rankings.

We deliver data platforms on cloud solutions such as Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. We enter projects in an early phase, when the learning curve is steep, and our ambition is to hand the project over to the customer when the major challenges have been resolved. This is how we ensure that our consultants continue to learn new technologies and methodologies.

Building the best professional environment requires us to adapt to the needs of each individual - and that diversity must be cultivated through effort, it does not arise by itself. We understand that people are in different phases of life, and can adapt roles, working hours and other things, so that you can perform at your best both at work and at home.

We are a small company, founded on the fact that we make decisions together as much as possible and share information, knowledge and ideas to find good solutions together. The path from idea to implementation is very short with us - sometimes just minutes!

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