Understand what you want from your next role

Kieren Dilworth


What advice would a recruiter give you?

Mostly to have a clear idea of what it is you’re looking for- not just in terms of progression but also considering technologies you’d want to work with or products you want to work on.

The clearer an idea you have about what direction you’re working towards, the more help a business like Darwin recruitment can give you.

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Jamie Rogers
My name is Jamie. I’m one of the team leaders at Darwin.

Kieran Dilworth
I’m Kieran, and I’m a tech recruiter at Darwin.

Alfie Walters
Is it that camera? My name is Alfie, and I’m a tech recruiter at Darwin.

Jamie Rogers
We’ve just put together a very short list of what we would say is good, healthy career advice for technology people in Europe. Does anyone want to start, like, a good piece of advice for a software engineer?

Kieran Dilworth
Yeah. I mean, I think that you should have a good idea of what it is you want to do next, not just in terms of, a lot of people talk about progression, and I want more money and things like that. And then when push comes to shove, sometimes there are other elements that they think of like what technologies they want to work with, what sort of products they want to work on, do they want to work with the product at all, or work for more of an agency, things like that.

But I feel like a lot of people think about that a little bit down the line sometimes. And I think you should have a real clear idea of what exactly you’re looking for. And I think especially if you’re using guys like us. but we’re here to consult. We’re not here to just throw you at any job. So give us an idea of what you’re looking for. You can bounce ideas off us. We do know the market. So have a good idea about what it is you’re looking for and use us and abuse us to consult you on your career because that’s exactly what we’re here.

Jamie Rogers
Your point is to have some kind of career plan. That’s a good point. And then before you talk to a recruiter, like us, if you have a career plan, we can either connect you to companies that are more likely to give you an environment where you can pursue that plan. So depending on what your career plan is, the more of a clearer idea you have about exactly what direction you’re working towards, the more help a business like Darwin recruitment can give you. Because we know what companies are likely to give you fertile soil for whatever your career plan might be, you could call it your own job search criteria.