With decades of experience building technical departments in Sweden, we're extending our expertise to the Life Science sector.

Led by James Allen, our newly formed Life Science team focuses on Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and more.

With a thriving Life Science industry in Sweden that attracted 23 billion Euros in investment last year, we're here to help companies find top talent and drive both economic growth and medical advancements.

But we don't stop at recruitment. We believe in fostering interaction and providing exposure for your company. That's why we have a series of exciting events and podcasts planned, designed to bring together professionals in the Life Science field.

To explore how our team can assist your company or to learn more about our upcoming Life Science event and Market Update, please continue reading below.

Let's collaborate and shape the future of Life Science together!

Insights into Sweden's Life Science Industry:

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Our specialist Life Science recruitment team is dedicated to building and nurturing networks of talent within the following areas of expertise:


The Crucial Role of a QA Specialist in Scandinavia

November 29, 2023

Ensuring Quality and Compliance:   The Crucial Role of a QA Specialist in Scandinavia: In the world of medicines, making sure they are safe and work well is really important. Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists are key players in this process, acting as protectors of quality and following the rules. In Scandinavia, known for strict rules…

Harnessing the Winds of Change

October 23, 2023

Harnessing the Winds of Change: The Emerging Markets in Offshore Wind Energy       Introduction Emerging Markets in offshore wind energy: The world is undergoing a profound transformation in the way it produces and consumes energy. Renewable sources are taking center stage, and among them, offshore wind energy is emerging as a powerhouse of…


September 5, 2023

After finding your dream job, securing a great interview, and securing a fantastic offer, it’s time to hand in your notice. In this blog, we’ll give you a few tips for resigning from your job gracefully. I’m assuming you’re not relishing the prospect of leaving your current job; if you hate it or have been…


September 4, 2023

Writing job ads that attract the right candidates is key. What can we do to make sure our job ads are inclusive, accessible, and encourage a diverse range of applicants? It’s no secret that tech skills are in high demand! You don’t want to lose great applicants at the first hurdle. We have put a…

Including A Salary In Your Job Description!

September 1, 2023

  In today’s competitive job market, transparency is key to attracting top talent. One important aspect of this is including the salary range in your job description. In this blog, we’ll discuss why it’s important to be transparent from the outset, why it is important to include salary in the job description and how including salary…

10 Reasons Why you Should Hire in the Summer!

July 14, 2023

        As the summer season approaches, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some valuable insights on why hiring IT tech talent during the summer months can provide your organization with a competitive edge. At Darwin, we believe that seizing this opportunity can lead to significant benefits for your workforce and…

The Mistakes Hiring Managers Make During the Hiring Process.

July 3, 2023

In this blog, we will discuss common mistakes that tech and hiring managers make when recruiting. Although some mistakes might seem obvious, or minor, they could cost you a highly skilled employee. The process of building and growing a technical team can be challenging, and has become increasingly difficult in the last five years. Not…

Unveiling the Top 5 Employer Branding Mistakes.

July 3, 2023

A guide to building a stellar reputation!   Employer branding is a crucial aspect of talent acquisition and retention for businesses; the reputation and image of your company are extremely important to attract and engage top talent. Unfortunately, some companies make common mistakes when developing and maintaining their employer brand. We’ll delve into these mistakes…