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tech focused, tech driven, tech designed.

The role of Procurement (engineering) jobs has evolved dramatically in recent years. Engineering jobs are now tech-focused, tech-driven, and tech-designed. We hire tech-driven, tech-focused, and tech-empowered people who will help to change the world.

Our job is to most effectively represent the most innovative products in the world. At the same time, it falls to our counterparts in product development departments to translate our most cutting-edge features into functional, cost-effective components. For decades, this was a reactive relationship; work on product development began once companies had signed off on the design.

But, in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, the most cutting-edge products are moving ever faster, with companies like Tesla leading the way in manufacturing cars that are years ahead of their time. Technology is accelerating at an ever-increasing rate, creating a digital divide between legacy companies deploying the “same old” features and innovative companies introducing features that have yet to be adopted by consumers.



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What are the benefits of hiring through Darwin Consulting?

1. No risk of 'deemed employment' of our workers working on site at their business.

2. Access to fast and flexible staffing solutions for in demand, highly niche skills.

3. Our employed leasing channels provide cost effective, fast solutions when compared to rigid and expensive consultancy/freelance solutions.

4. Access to Europe’s most developed temporary tech workforce.